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We still own the battered beaten-up copy of this homage to humanity that our two daughters returned to so often that it needed patching up with a judicious amount of sticky tape. A wholehearted celebration of diversity, it devotes pages to appearance, homes, food, clothes, pastimes, jobs, pets, feasts and holidays, beliefs, language, a little history, and most of all, throughout it all, to People everywhere. And all different. It was first published in 1981, and now that I took it out again to use as a language teaching tool, I had to update the population figures at the beginning: it predicts that there will be 6 billion on the planet by the year 2000, so I updated the forecast to 8 billion by 2020. Its incredibly useful as a teaching aid; vocabulary to do with appearance, to describe hair and figure, to talk about games we play, animals we keep - or would like to! The only trouble is that there is too much in there for a learner - my young student who comes just wants to look at the wonderful illustrations. So we have these little battles where Im trying to concentrate on her learning useful words while she wants to know what that is? Its a Barrel Vaulted Stone House from Turkey I think that belongs in the category non-essential vocabulary.

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