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Past and present reviewage on Prism Book Alliance®I thought I would do something different with this review, as this is my second reading of this book. We start out with my newest thoughts having just finished, and then right below is my original review I posted here on Goodreads back in January of 2014.Getting the chance to reread this was like coming home and visiting friends in a very familiar place, even physically – I earned my MA at SUNY-Albany and walked those tunnels many a time. Bonus, or not, I lived in Schenectady while attending.But I digress…K.A. Mitchell makes it so easy to wander into this story and feel immediately welcomed. This is quite a feat given the current circumstances of both John and Mason’s lives on this day, the day they meet. They’re both dealing with loss and great change and neither is at their best.These two possess a chemistry that is all kinds of sexy: physically, mentally, and emotionally. They both speak rather openly and to the point about what they want and how they feel, except when they don’t. It’s that very recognizable game of ping pong, making those millisecond decisions about what to say and why you feel the way you do, and whether the other person deserves to know it, or if you have the ability to reveal yourself. To be vulnerable. To tell the truth about who you are.The entire story feels organic, nothing forced or tricks played. No one is playing hard to get in a coy way, but rather the walls that get built up by way of pain suffered are in place and doing their jobs. These are two people trying to, sometimes in spite of themselves, give this thing a chance, they’re taking the chance. Sometime just not at the same time.Have I said these two are hot together? Oh good, because they are. They’re compatible and communicative, even when they don’t mean to be, and it all works.John smiled. Mason liked it, wanted to keep making it happen. And he didn’t have to ask himself when the last time was that he cared if he could make someone else smile. He bit his lip.I loved this the first time I read it. I loved it again this time. What I would really love? More time with Mason and John and the whole gang.I think I’m upping my rating for this. Yup, here comes that last star. Five it is.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Second reading completed, updated review to come on PBA on Nov 14th for retro read spotlight with K.A. Mitchell... and the reason for my upping this to five stars. :)This will be short on words but its very long on love. K.A. Mitchell does it again. If I havent ever said this before, shes definitely a favorite author. She shows again here why that is so.John and Mason have both gone through some incredibly difficult things and find themselves starting a new year in college (John as a freshmen at 21 and Mason limping to the starting line) weighed down, to say the least. KAM also starts us out with a bang, literally. I mean, cmawn, this is how you start a story: HOT. Oh and yes, I said story, as in there is one here. Characters with complexity that mirrors anyone walking around having lived some life.Shes very good at this, using details and locations and character traits that are entirely unique and very believable. This means Im swept along with the story because its relatable. Totally true in this case: I went to SUNY Albany, where this takes place, and obtained my masters, and lived in Schenectady while attending LOL. Ah, those tunnels. College life, here you be. Its a time when I think a lot of layers are stripped and were maybe at our most honest about most things as we work out how to live with those selves. I think I crapped on that explanation, but maybe youll get it.There are some aspects of the story I wont mention so that you can discover them on your own. Theyre integral and sweet and a bit magical but are totally grounded by these very well-drawn characters. Besides John and Mason, we have the two circle of friends of which they are each a part. The humor is there. The heat is there. On that heat... lemme just tell you, this is how you end a book. No doobt aboot it, my friends. This has become a fave and will go on my comfort food shelf, as well.

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